Allow us to introduce ourselves, where we live, and what we strive for in our beloved Leonbergers, and this WONDERFUL BREED!!!!

My name is Beverly, and my son’s name is Arden, thus became the name of our kennels, BEVARD LEONBERGERS. 

This all started when we could not breed our Tiffeny, and thus started our search for another breed, as we were hoping to show and breed, if we found one which we truly fell in love with. We came across (lucky for us) an ad in the Dog Fancy Magazine, and began researching this majestic breed, it did not take us long, to completely fall in love with the Leonbergers. Our search was made through many phone calls, to Leo owners and finally met our first Leonberger in the summer of 1998, at Sentez kennels, and a very knowledgeable, and deep compassion for this breed, Sondra Boos. She had 5 Leonbergers at different ages, we were captured by there beauty, grace, not to mention their love of people, there we were mesmerized with Thor (Wanerlands Gallant Grappo) and his sister Delta, (Wanerlands Gold Glossy), we were hooked, and put ourselves on Sondra’s puppy list. Then after almost 2 years, she blessed us with two beautiful, loving bundles of joy. Thus our journey began.

We are a registered LCA kennel, and members of The Great Lakes Leonberger Club. Other clubs we are members of are: LCA, UKC, GLLC, Rare Heirs, and ARBA, we show in conformation classes, attend obedience and socialization classes, and feel very much a part of this Leo family. It is a rewarding feeling to congregate with these beautiful people who have Leos, or who in the future hope to be as blessed as we ALL are. There is something special when you are guardians, or just around these dogs and people, one can only feel a warmth, and enduring love.

BEVARD LEONBERGERS, will strive for the utmost in the breed standards, and their wonderful temperament, to ensure that this WONDERFUL dog will continue to be one of the best breeds, anyone could bring into their loving families. Our goal is to improve this breed, (if at all possible) as far as temperament, health, and all other factors important to improvement of the breed. So, when you pick up YOUR loving, beautiful puppy, you will know, we have done, everything possible to ensure a healthy, loving, bundle of happiness for you and your family, hopefully for many, many years to come! We will be with you throughout the lifetime of your furry family member, as our commitment to each puppy does not end with the pick up, but only a beginning of a beautiful journey together.
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