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                     OBTAINING A BEVARD PUPPY 

Our policy for reserving a puppy is as follows:

When, and if, you decide to acquire a Bevard Leonberger puppy please, read the enclosed puppy contract, read it completely, if agreeable and wish to be put on our Puppy Waiting List, (this list is not a first come first serve list) return with signed contract plus a deposit, in the form of Cash/Cashiers Check/Postal Money Order, this assures us that you do plan to take a puppy, and will be applied towards purchase price. When the puppies are three (3) days old, (this time is chosen, because their lives at this time, are passed the critical time), the puppy count and sexes will be determined at that time, a pre payment the form of Cash/Cashiers Check/Postal Money Order, will be due, an e-mail will be sent prior as a friendly reminder, this also assures you that the puppy chosen for you will best meet your family situation. If something unforeseen happens and we cannot provide a puppy for you at this time, you will be placed automatically for next expected litter. We will let you know ASAP, and you can decide if you wish to remain on our prospective puppy list. The deposit is Non Refundable. Balance due upon puppy pick up, or prior, if shipping.
We send periodic photos so you can watch your puppy grow. We wait until at least three to four weeks before
the first photos are sent as before that they are just small black spots on a photo. This way, families don't miss out on the first eight weeks. We try to fit that one specific puppy to its new home. We will choose your puppy at about seven weeks and will not let anyone else have it regardless of who gets here first!
We must receive full payment before the puppy leaves here.  We will only accept a Postal Money Order, Cash and Cashiers Check for Deposit or Pre Payment, and a Postal Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Cash for Balance paid upon receiving of puppy.   Our interest does not end with the sale. We are, as well, as the stud’s owners, interested in owners who keep in touch and let us know their puppy’s progress. We are ALWAYS happy to share our knowledge with you. If you have any questions about our dogs or policies, please feel free to ask, there are NO stupid questions regarding our beloved dogs and puppies.
Our goal at Bevard Leonbergers is to breed sound, healthy examples of the breed. Our Leos are from more than six generations of hips certified blood lines, and if raised properly, should be healthy family members, and their future unlimited. We do not give a guarantee for hips to repeat buyers who have not met that contractual agreement. It’s not fair to us.
Our Leos are happy dogs who are treated like royalty (they are, after all, noble Leonbergers, and our family members) and we want to be sure any puppy we bring into this world will be given every chance to live a long, healthy, life and share its great capacity for love, and to be whatever he/she excels to be. 
Bevard Leonbergers would require proper fencing with ample room to exercise, or open to make adjustments. This would not include: electric fencing, use of electronic training device, any electronic device would be unacceptable.
We at Bevard, encourage family pick up of a puppy, as we like to meet our new Leo families, but, realize there are times or distances, when a family would be unable to come and pick up ones’ adoring Leo puppy, at this time ALL pre arrangements and costs will be agreed upon before final decision of acceptance of a Bevard Beloved Puppy. These are extremes “ONLY”.
Beverly & Arden Wright, of Bevard Leonbergers

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